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IP Cores

Forsetic is continuously expanding its catalog of analog and RF IP blocks in mainstay global foundries. To enable rapid development of new products for our customers, critical blocks commonly required in SoC products are made available to provide references, amplifiers, ESD structures, standard specific I/O structures as well as a range of RF/IF block for use in ISM bands. This also includes an integrated passive modeling flow that can be rapidly deployed on any new foundry where integrated inductor and or transformer models are found to be lacking or restricted. This catalog is always growing and serves as the basis for most all of the projects we pilot.

Forsetic has recently begun internal development of a novel wireless transceiver that aims to offer a highly reconfigurable RF and baseband section to facilitate broad band multi-standards compliance with best in class low power consumption, deployment cost and area footprint. White papers on this new technology will be made available soon.


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